BLUEFIN GOLD GROUP is an organization that was founded by a team of experts whose desire is changing the narrative for development in Africa. This group is driven by the desire of wanting to see an Africa that will no longer be a Third World, but be in the same bracket as the rest of the Developed World. The main focus being bringing the ultimate change through infrastructure development, education and smart technology impacting healthcare, agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and other sectors. We also mobilize investment across the globe for Africa.
CORTEX AI Group is a Smart Technology company that is uniquely positioned in collaboration with the BLUEFIN GOLD GROUP to help transform Africa (and other parts of the developing world) through the implementation of national AI strategies and using smart technology to unlock tremendous societal and business value at scale. It aims to optimize quality of life for as many people as possible through an AI-driven human-centric super platform, mobile devices, and personalized AI that empowers people and monetizes their data and services as well as providing a range of services including personalized education, healthcare, wellness, financial advisory, and more. Cortex AI Group also focuses on AI-driven digital transformation through the implementation of smart technology and intelligent agents via industry-specific solutions in education, healthcare and wellness, mining, energy, manufacturing, agriculture and construction to help shape a better future in the Smart Technology Era. It further positions itself to be a global AI leader in pushing AI innovation on a foundational and applications level to develop State-of-the-art Personalized AI and Intelligent Agents on Trustworthy AI Guardrails for a Decentralized World.
Sustainable Technology Venture Capital (STVC) is an AI-powered Fund of Funds (FoF) venture capital company investing in established high-growth business and disruptive scalable startups as well as supporting and enabling General Partners and other venture capital funds that invests in companies that are involved in areas related to sustainability and the deployment of smart technology to enable sustainable solutions that unlock societal and business value at scale. STVC not only provides capital, expertise, and networks, but also state-of-the art smart technology and associated guard rails that these companies need to succeed through its AI Accelerator to help drive AI-driven digital transformation. This is also key in the value chain of all future sustainable business plans and can help businesses reduce their environmental impact while also improving their bottom line, increase their operational efficiency and effectiveness, creating strategic value and increase their brand value.
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Cortex Logic is an AI company that provides an AI Engine for Business as well as scalable ultra-personalized AI-enabled health and financial wellness platform solutions. Our massive transformative purposes is to help people, business, and society thrive in the Smart Technology Era.
Cortex Group is a Smart Technology company using various Artificial Intelligence and related technologies in delivering licensed products, platforms, and bespoke end-to-end AI-driven solutions that help businesses gain a competitive advantage. As a next generation AI & smart technology company our mission is to help business and society thrive in the Smart Technology Era.
VIVE Teens is a cutting edge AI-driven personal wellness companion that equips teenagers with world-class content, advice, self-discovery and human-led support systems to not only cope with the challenges that they face every day, but also contribute to the development of balanced, emotionally mature and well-prepared young adults.
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Journey Wellness is a digital wellness platform that serves you 24-7-365. Improve your team’s wellbeing by showing them the path to better health. With Journey Wellness the path to a healthier, happier you doesn’t have to be a lonely road. Take charge of your wellbeing and let Journey’s intelligent platform help you rediscover your best self. By submitting your personal health and lifestyle data, Journey will help you, learn about your current health status; learn about your under-laying health risks; learn to better manage your health; change unhealthy lifestyle habits; and improve your quality of life.
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The Student Hub provides online courses from South Africa’s leading TVET colleges, through private resources and the latest learning technology. Our selected courses equip students with the in-demand skills they need so that they can qualify for the job they want. GET READY FOR WORK. Learn the skills you need, to qualify for the job you want. Get an accredited National Diploma from South Africa’s leading TVET colleges ONLINE!